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Diane Frankel – RN, BSN, RYT-200

Diane worked as a Public Health Nurse in Buncombe County for over 20 years supporting mothers and babies. She is now using her nurturing skills to help others through various Energy Medicine modalities. Influenced by her a practice of Yoga and meditation for over 30 years and as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Diane enjoys helping others connect to inner rest and relaxation. She is certified in Soul Focused Healing, Usui Reiki and has completed Healing Touch Level 2. Using light or near body touch, these complimentary health approaches help to calm, clear and balance your energy system and to support your own self- healing process.

About “Light Touch” Therapy

Research and anecdotal evidence supports beneficial effects for those who receive “Energy Medicine” such as Reiki and Healing Touch. Some possible benefits and effects may be: reduced anxiety and depression, stress reduction, chemotherapy support, immune system support, enhancing a sense of well-being, reduction of the impact of chronic pain and trauma, as well as potentially deepening a spiritual connection.

About Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy is mind-blowingly powerful, yet still very gentle. It is “a light-touch therapy that can detect and correct restrictions in the craniosacral system that cause sensory, motor or mental dysfunction. The craniosacral system is made up of the brain, the cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes the brain, the membrane system that protects the brain, the bones of the skull, face and mouth, and the spine.” (From MASSAGE Magazine, November 2017)

Recent studies have shown that CST has improved vastly the disturbing behaviors and symptoms of autism and in one case reported, the pediatrician removed the diagnosis of autism after a year and half of receiving CST.

Consider Cranio-Sacral Therapy as a treatment option for:

  • colic in babies
  • central nervous system disorders
  • neck and back pain
  • motor coordination difficulties
  • birth trauma
  • TMJ
  • eye problems
  • headaches
  • chronic fatigue

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