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*Services provided by North Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapists

Jennifer McLeod Hart – Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer McLeod HartJennifer has been practicing massage since 2007. She pulls from a wide range of knowledge in the field to offer integrative and tailored massage sessions to her clients including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy and hot/cold stone therapy. Jennifer specializes in relaxation and believes that all healing begins by first calming the body and mind. She especially enjoys being able to facilitate relaxation through touch. Jennifer also enjoys making jewelry and time outdoors. When asked why she enjoys massage, Jennifer replied, “I love helping people relax through touch. The rest of the world goes quiet, movement flows into movement, and it’s almost as if intuition takes over. I can’t fix anything, but I can help calm the body which is then in a position to heal itself, something it does naturally and wonderfully.” Jennifer is also Reiki certified. (LMBT#12841)

Sydney Jeffrey – Licensed Massage Therapist

Sydney Jeffrey
Sydney is a North Carolina native who has recently relocated to western NC from Charlotte. She has been practicing massage and bodywork since 2009 after attending Blue Ridge Healing Arts in Concord, NC. She has also received advanced training here in Asheville in Usui/Tibetan Reiki. Sydney has an intuitive and strong touch, and specializes in therapeutic deep tissue aimed at overall wellness and balancing within the body. Sydney believes that the the power of touch is a very important component to our physical and mental well-being. (LMBT#09380)

Hsiung Leu – Licensed Massage Therapist

Hsiung LeuA graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, Hsiung has been a professional massage therapist since 2009. In addition to the standard modalities of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Sports massage, his training has focused on craniosacral and structural integration based myofascial release. He offers the integration of 20 years of meditative internal/external martial arts training into his craft. Today, he is pleased to offer his services to the community at Sachi Massage. (LMBT#14871)

Laura Graham – Licensed Massage Therapist

Laura GrahamLaura is an Asheville native and proud to use her skill as a massage therapist to contribute to the well being of her community. She confirmed her passion for touch working as an assistant in an acupuncture clinic, where she provided Chinese healing modalities such as cupping, gua sha, and therapeutic massage. She trained for massage therapy at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, and gained her licensure in the state of North Carolina in 2015. Her massage therapy treatments have a foundation in Swedish methods and blend myofascial, deep tissue, stretching, and various Asian massage techniques to provide a detailed and custom-tailored session for each individual’s specific needs. Laura believes that our bodies are built to heal themselves, and that massage is a favorable way to facilitate the healing process. She plans to continue to deepen her studies in massage, combining her love of learning with travel in order to further her skills as a practitioner. (LMBT#15187)

Rebecca Chapman – Licensed Massage Therapist

RebeccaRebecca has been practicing massage and bodywork since 2009. She has worked in both clinical and spa settings and on a wide variety of clients. Rebecca’s massage style is constantly emerging, evolving, and growing based on the needs and desires of her clients. She practices manual therapies to relieve tension in the body, mind, and spirit which deeply relax the nervous system and emotional body. Rebecca’s bodywork is diverse in that she can perform a massage aimed at total relaxation or a session targeted at pain relief. She has training and experience with Swedish, deep tissue, NMT, Orthobionomy (positional release) of the extremities, reflexology, trigger point, accupoint, pregnancy, geriatric, and infant massage. She also practices traditional Hawaiian massage, called Lomilomi, and integrates it into every massage session. (LMBT#09507)

Christopher Collins – Licensed Massage Therapist

ChristopherChris’s journey as a massage therapist began long before he actually decided to make it his profession. Friends and family would plant themselves in front of him and after years of hearing how amazing his gift of touch was, he decided to quit working in construction and go to massage school.

Chris graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2010. He is experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release with his focus being therapeutic deep tissue that he customizes for each client. His clients are just as amazed as his friends were by his strong, healing touch.

He incorporates energy healing into his work as well. One of his most favorite moments was when a client rebooked an energy session with him. He knew then that he was in the right profession, one that enhances the quality of life for others.

Chris spends time practicing martial arts, drawing, gardening, reading, listening to music and long walks in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (LMBT#16135)

Amy Savini – Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy SaviniAmy has forever been drawn to the field of wellness and what it means to move through life with a sense of deep well-being. She believes that setting time aside for healing both body and mind are essential to moving through life in a healthful state. Amy attended massage school in 2014 in Boone, North Carolina. After graduating, she went on to receive extensive training in Ayurvedic bodywork modalities. Amy’s massages aim to lead clients to deep states of relaxation and releasing of tension. Amy works with the belief that in order for any ache, pain, or imbalance to be addressed, the nervous system must first come into a state of relaxing and releasing. Amy’s intention with each client is to move both body and mind from states of dis-ease into states of ease. She encourages her clients to integrate their own breath into their massage sessions so as to facilitate deeper release within the body. Amy’s work is guided by a mixture of her intuition and by the client’s requests. She tailors each session specifically to each client. No two massages are the same. Amy is currently in school to become a licensed Counselor, so as to one day be able to more deeply facilitate release of both body and mind. (LMBT#14532)

Savannah Yount – Licensed Massage Therapist

Savannah has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014. She practices integrative massage work including: neuromuscular therapy, structural balancing, and Reflexology. Savannah is particularly drawn to helping her clients find balance within their bodies and reducing and eliminating pain. Her fascination with the human body shows in her work. She can be very technical with her fingers “pulling out” the muscle, isolating it and working out its tension. And then in the next moment she may use long, slow strokes to relax or steady ones to energize an entire area depending on what is needed. In the end, the dance yields a synergistic balance that lasts for days. (LMBT#13839)

Martha Beakes – Licensed Massage Therapist

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Martha spent 17 years working long hours each day as a chef so she knows what a tired, achy body needs—so much so that she feels a special kinship with all the hardworking bodies of the world. Massage is Martha’s calling at this stage of her life. It makes her happy to knead, rock, stretch people’s bodies, soothing away their aches and pains. She’s especially good at rubbing tired feet.

Martha has been practicing massage since 2013 and has developed a strong, healing, nurturing touch. She mixes long relaxing strokes with deeper tissue work and acupressure. She is certified in Reiki energy work and channels healing energy during the massage, always guided by her intuition. With her training and openness—both fueled by compassion—she offers the client a safe space to heal and relax. (LMBT#13381)

Danielle McIntosh – Licensed Massage Therapist

Some therapists are just born to care for others. When Danielle was a kid, she dreamed of being a veterinarian and she would massage all the animals in her neighborhood. As she got a little older, she developed pain in her hips so severe that she had trouble walking. The doctors gave her medications that eased the pain but didn’t help her heal. She discovered yoga and meditation, and eventually through her practice—and massage—she healed herself.

She worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant while going to nursing school but she realized that she would not be comfortable doling out medications. She believes strongly that the body is designed to heal itself if given the chance. She had been practicing yoga and meditation now for six years and so she felt the next natural step was massage school.

She completed the extensive 1000 hours training program at AB Tech Community College here in Asheville and has never looked back. She loves giving massage, especially doing deep tissue work. She has found that she connects more easily with people through massage and that massage has allowed her intuition to grow stronger. She is eager to learn more styles of massage and her passion for helping others to heal has found its expression finally. (LMBT#16574)

Lucien Horowitz – Licensed Massage Therapist

Since adolescence, Lucien has found himself strongly influenced by massage therapists and other bodyworkers. His own journey into the field began five years ago in the mountains of Guatemala where he learned Indian Classical Massage from a teacher who had studied in India. Immediately Lucien was filled with joy as he discovered his ability to listen and tune into another person’s physical responses to massage. He considers this a sacred meditation.

Listening to another’s body?! But that is exactly what he does and that is why he is able to give effective deeper work, taking the client to the edge and then using the breath to push through without pain but with a heightened awareness. He is equally effective at helping the client to relax through massage.

In Thailand, he studied Thai Massage. His skill set includes experience in Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, myofascial release, sports massage, hot stones, geriatric care, prenatal massage and Ayurveda. With a solid understanding of anatomy and well-tuned listening skills—and many years of personal yoga practice—he mixes the different techniques that he’s learned from his travels and studies that best address the client’s needs. Lucien is also fluent in Spanish. (LMBT#16439)

Kylie Winkles – Licensed Massage Therapist

Kylie pairs an attentive, holistic massage style with a sharp wit and good ears for listening! Specializing in deep tissue massage, energy work, and sound therapy, she is one of WNC’s most well-rounded therapists. Kylie graduated from Gainesville’s world- renowned Florida School of Massage. She has been lauded for her intricate knowledge of the muscular highway. Satisfied clients have called her massages “heavenly,” “precise,” and even “untouchable.”

“My goal is to create a soothing therapeutic space, accommodate the client’s unique needs and personality, and provide unforgettable relief.” -Kylie (LMBT#15131)

Nikyragua Van Ohlin – Licensed Massage Therapist

Niky was raised in a healing environment. Her mother is a massage therapist and she continues the sacred practice that surrounded her as a child. Niky graduated in 2016 from The Center for Massage & Natural Health here in Asheville. Niky is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones and trigger point therapy. Niky has also recently completed her certification in Thai Massage. Niky enjoys helping those with chronic pain issues by utilizing her knowledge of stretching techniques and neuromuscular therapy. (LMBT#16027)

Lee Buck – Licensed Massage Therapist


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