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Sachi Massage Asheville

Sachi 60- and 90- Minute Signature Massage

Sachi is dedicated to enhancing the health, wellness, and relaxation of our clients which is reflected in the time we take with each individual and the personal care you receive. We take pride in offering Asheville massage services at affordable prices.

Your arrival at Sachi is met with a warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere. Escape with the sounds of tranquil waterfalls, soothing music and begin to unwind as you quiet your mind and prepare for your treatment in our peaceful, healing Himalayan salt room.

Our highly trained and attentive therapists provide therapeutic techniques to reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, and promote deep relaxation to support optimal health and wellness.

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Licensed Massage Therapists

Sachi Massage and Wellness, a spa based on the North side of Asheville, NC, offers all sorts of premium massage, relaxation, and rejuvenation services including female, male, and couples massage. Natural therapeutics begin with qualified, licensed therapists who know their craft and truly understand how to achieve the benefits you’re looking for. Each therapist has attended massage school in their specialty, and their professional demeanor and caring attention prove it.

One of the least understood factors impacting your health is stress. Sachi’s Asheville massage services, including our signature 60- and 90-minute massages, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Facial, Hot Stone, and Reflexology (foot massage) can help reduce and relieve the stress that builds up daily, weekly, and monthly. Regular visits with our fully trained and licensed staff help keep your body free of stress, relaxed, and soothed. Using skin strokes varying from fast to slow, and finger and hand pressure from mild to extra firm, we help you relax into your massage, letting go of the cares and concerns of the world outside, at least for the duration of your treatment.

Benefits include heightened sense of well being, improved circulation, increased flexibility, faster healing, increased seratonin and dopamine levels, lower blood pressure, resistance to illness, headache relief, improved muscle tone, reduced pain levels, and much more.

Relief for sore, aching muscles, stress, tension, and other specific muscular and skeletal conditions are very responsive to massage therapy. Our many happy clients consistently rate us FIVE-STARS, and we’re confident that you will join their ranks after just one visit.

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